Saturday, 7 June 2014

Petit Aime boutique


A walk along Westbourne Gorve bring back a slightly nostalgic feel and always takes me back to the second time I move to England for good, and this was the area where I get to know real 'British' culture.
Now that I am about to embark another chapter in my life, priority change when it comes buying material things. 
Petit Aime in Ledbury Road has been on my list for quite sometimes on a place to visit. Luckily now there is a better excuse to really pop by and coincide with some other meeting arrangement around the area.
With the help of London map on the Barclays bike point, I found the street fairly quickly and it was 13 minutes away from Notting Hill gate (Should be about 6 minute in normal walking phase). Greeted by the bon bon window display for their Spring-summer styling, I found the space very relax, clean and full of treasures. I particularly love the small stock collection of the many European brand that has a hand made feel, and designer-maker quality of product. There are option also for those who love muted colours on children's wear, or for those love the brightly colour combination trend. Of course they also have wonderful traditional toys, and books that are pleasant enough to buy as a treat for the little one. Their print collection for greeting cards, and wall art were not not harsh on the eye, but fun enough to stand out for a small living area space.


There are many beautiful children shop if you walk along Ledbury road. The little croissant (37 week yrs old bebe) in my belly were too excited at lunch time and I had to leave the lovely array of shops and find a place to sit down and rest.

Inspired by a good session at the atenatal yoga class this morning. I picked up a Maileg doll to accompany an old bunny that has been looking rather lonely in my house and manage to do a quick whizz on the sewing machine and made a little dress to greet her new friend.


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