Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Best oil for pregnancy.

It has been almost 1 month since I ran out of 'The tummy rub oil' by Mama Mio and I have noticed major differences on the dryness on my skin. Itchiness and sometime redness also appear even with a gentle scratch. I have started using the oil since 13 weeks of pregnancy and I have to say its one of the best in the market. Surely its one the most expensive, but I have tried other cheaper brands that quoted themselves as natural and it doesn't work as well as Mama Mio. All the pennies that I thought I'll be saving by buying a cheaper product doesn't worth the money, but luckily my mother loves the stronger smelling and (more potent) other brand's stretch-mark oil and uses them as massage oil instead.

Starting with the packaging: I love the neon pink line across the bottom to differentiate their pregnancy product and fit for skin range (which is orange). They's only came up with the new packaging this year and it certainly look more pharmaceutical amongst maternity and baby related product.
The bottle for the oil feels heavy and brilliantly pump out the necessary amount to rub in the belly and around the area needed. The opaque colour bottle doesn't allow any lights to come in and reassure that all the ingredients works its magic when in use.

Smell and Texture: Just like any standard oil its yellow, slippery, and feels slightly thick. In the beginning I used to thought the butter version was better but I change my mind completely after testing the oil version. Using oil is also more economical, as you can just do one pump and spread to more area around the skin. The typically Gravida smell of Mama Mio's product is very gentle on my very sensitive nose. I actually love the soothing smell of it. I have tested other brand recently and I feel the Mama Mio's one is gentle enough to use after you've had your baby. Especially for those who plan to breastfeed and doesn't want to interfere the natural smell of bonding when skin to skin contact is acknowledge. Once I apply the oil I usually do my other skin appliance routine and make-up before I get dress just incase it leaves a clingy mark on your top or dress. Unless you're wearing a maternity camisole underneath a top and in a hurry. I would not suggest wearing a silk top right after you rub this oil around your body.

Does it work? Oh yes it does (for me anyway). I love using the product (older version then the new version) from the very beginning. It feels like I'm comforting the baby and giving a gentle rub on your skin feels like giving some drink on the thirsty to the ever expanding pregnancy skin. Twice a day routine (after shower in the morning and before going to sleep in the evening) I like to make sure all my upper bodice (below neck front and back) is covered (yup including front chest area) and generously apply around the hips and buttocks. I don't think it will get rid off my old stretch-mark line from loosing and gaining weight from the past. But I've noticed the skin feels like its ready for that big stretch in the next second and third trimester of the pregnancy. Maybe topping it up with the butter version will help the skin to stretch even better for those who has very dry skin.

So yes I would stock up to this product as an essential maternity product. I love that you can pretty much eat everything in the ingredients list. And the company doesn't shout about some profit going to charity and on heavy marketing campaign. Their website does free delivery which is fantastic if you don't live in London and find it hard to get hold of Mama Mio in high street retail store.

On the photos I have included 'Gorgeous glow' which is a fantastic facial wash that takes away make-up and clean the skin without feeling dry afterwards. It is also a favourite of the mister in the house due to its gentle smell and perfect for sensitive skin. I have not bother with an in depth review of 'Gorgeous glow' due to not continuing to purchase the product as I have successfully find a cheaper alternative that both the mister and I love. But please give 'The Tummy Rub Oil' a try or buy one for any pregnant you know as a gift if you're thinking to buy as a treat. Every mama to be love to be pampered and I think its a nice feeling to have someone else still care about the mama and not just the new bundle of joy thats about to arrive.


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