Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Can't get enough of pink.

Starting with the pink cab that I saw in central London few weeks ago. You end up with taking snap shots and picking up colours that makes you happy.

During my walk last Friday. I finally manage to discover and enjoy British museum with all its treasure, even in the midst of school trip children and tourists. I love the linen layers and patterns the Egyptian use for the mummy. 
Also nice to see a real Andy Warhol's work in bright pink neon screen print piece in the museum.
I planned to eat my packed lunch in my favourite city garden spot, which was sadly closed for some reason. So ended up squatting in Covent garden and watched people go by.
Second part of the walk was to temptingly went to Cath Kidston's store and admire the sale and watched what people are crazily spending their money on. I always find her store exciting when looking at what the vintage goods that the Visual Merchandiser found and somehow camouflaged amongst the new collection.
One of the perk of going window shopping on your own is that no one ever rush you to go here there then everywhere. I had few more hours to kill time until meeting one of my friends in Fitzrovia. Limited by how far I can waddle around Charing Cross road. My 'hop in and out' visit to Foyles bookshop, ended up to be a few hours visit, on which I will review the place some other time.
I can't believe I only discoverd Tiger last week since moving to London. Its one of those places where you read about it years ago in weekend newspaper supplement and never really get the chance to go and see one. I love the many cheeky bright colours, and simple fun print products to brighten up summer.
Lastly, it was Paperchase in Tottenham court road that was full of pink delightedness, (and many other neutral colours off course). They stock Merchant and Mills product which I'm rather impressed with. For a store that sell paper, their current display and collection are just fantastic. So much natural lights streamed in through the shop. I'd say its a nice place place to have cake in their cafe in the upper floor, when one has the time (even if its with a good book or a really good company).

For more pink inspiration, take a peek towards my Pinterest board.


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