Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Follow the Foyles

I used to never being able to find this store when I was a poor student and visited London as a tourist. Back in the days when website were pretty basic and mobile phone shopping barely exist. I used to browse hours on end on Foyle's website to find a Louise brook's book, or some rare textile publication that the library didn't have.
Fast forward to 2014. It was one of my favourite spot to browse on books. Currently I am very lucky that I only need one bus to get to Tottenham Court Road. And it is so easy to spot the clean new building from outside and large glass door that's very inviting. 
On my recent trip I picked up Frankie and French Vogue magazine as a birthday treat. Also few children book for DD (dear daughter).

Amazed by how fast the new elevator in Foyles took me from top floor to lower ground floor. I'd say it's a pretty neat place to use the toilet. Each department was easy to find. They have plenty of events happening on the upper floor and very sweet cafe with one of those trendy looking industrial lights.

Being a new mum I absolutely love their collection on children books. During my pregnancy I also picked up some very very good after birth book that I still read through for quick guidance. The new floor layout is far from the cluttered old display and very confusing navigation to find what I need. 
Holiday season was rather busy to move around. Especially with a pram. But at the end I was very pleased that the que was very fast. I'm happy to also see that they were anticipating the pre-New Year rush and still employed lots of human staff rather than 'hello can I help you?computer screen.


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