Sunday, 3 March 2013

Effortless split

Southern Gothic by Maggie Taylor

It's been a few weeks of mind full of gibberish thoughts of self doubts. Sounded a bit silly by blogging it on the web rather than my good old pen and paper diary. But I always wonder how women with children manages to share their times to be an artist and change their hat to being a super mother, wife, partner etc? I understand that not all are perfect and lovely as it seems. If you are a creative person and single, do you ever  feel bad days are taking over your creative clouds, and how do you fight it and possibly get rid of it (for at least a long time)? 

I have finally put my recent drawings and stitching work onto a website. Its nothing fancy, as I was just trying to get the point of sharing my work online. I feel like I have achieve a tiny victory battling with this so called 'confidence' problem. Reading a little bit about Louise Gardiner's work help me a little bit to move forward with having 'just go for it' attitude. Loosen your mind a bit to some cheesy music and loose line drawing while standing was certainly helping to get my current project going on a better direction.

Today I also tried something new in a hope of increasing my productivity on looking after myself and my love one better. I was walking in Leeds market to buy my weekly fruit shopping and encounter samphire at the fish monger stall. 

They look so green and lush, I couldn't help but to buy some and decided to improvise the ever so lovely mussel linguine. It was inspired by watching Nigel Slater's Surf and Turf simple cooking program on the BBC this morning. By not adding too much seasoning, and balsamic vinegar. The result was very pleasing and guests were very happy with the meal. I've learnt not too over complicate things in making meal. Thou investing on a good vegetables and seafood produce are really worth getting. Like in food and in design, simple colouring (like in seasoning on cooking a meal) sometimes work better than too many this and that.

Just accidentally found this lady while listening to Benji B's playlist.

Jhene Aiko- Mirrors

As always.. I cannot wait for sunnier weather.

Lv T

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