Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Back on it

It takes a walk in the park, sunshine, coffee with a friend, and a very inspiring jacket from Zara to get my brain engine going to get exciting again about the current project that I'm working at. Facing the music is also on the radar on how important, but slightly frustrating to keep up to date with folder work. Sadly this pretty jacket below is way out of my budget this season as I have wept for 4 months on saving up for a new sewing machine.
Zara Quilted cotton jacket s/s13

It made me think very hard on what I want to achieve this summer on developing my self esteem to show my work and hopefully sell to make ends meet.
In the next few days you will see some of my drawing and my favorite hand stitched pieces that I've done (sound a bit showy I know). It's great to hear feedback from my fabulous tutor in the studio, but it's quite challenging also to hear what strangers (or professional) says constructively about your work. 
Here's a start of the brief preview (until I get my head around to put it on a website).

Moodboard of  'Lost Toy' project.

Initial final design for 'Lost Toy'

Hand Embroidered, Screen printed procion on cotton
Collection pieces for 'Lost Toy'.
All Copyright by Tiaz Taylor 2012
Lv T

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