Thursday, 21 March 2013

Zesty Oranges in London

I had fantastic day going to New Designer show preparation day in North London. Its definately worth the visit if your design course are exhibiting in New Designer show next year.
I couldn't help but getting very inpired by the different shades of fruity orange colours around Islington and the very eclectic Anthropologie, London.

I abolutely love the many textures (image 3 and 5) that the product and the shop display are placed around another at Anthropologie. Living in the cold 'Up North' Yorkshire gets me very appreciative with looking at those type of product. Being able to touch the embroidered fabric that they've design is especially marvelous and far more sensous than looking at their seasonal catalogue.

I would definately recommend visiting New Designer show this summer. The ticket is on Sale now via their website. Try also to bring an extra carrier bag to pick up beautiful promotional pack that the new graduates has to offer (for FREE!)