Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Shimmer and shine

Now that the presents are all wrapped up. A little bit of crafting session can begin again. Since having a table in our bedroom, little things like writing letters or drawing feels like a luxury. Having the sewing machine placed at your daughter's room since we moved to grandma, was not such a good idea.
This Saturday we managed to do a quick trip to Hobbycraft in Worthing, after picking up a Nordman Christmas tree in a garden centre. Grace's cousin are coming over again for a sleep over. I thought I would gather easy festive theme craft materials for the little ones. Having a good supply of crafting material is a way of to keep the house peace and calmer (even if its only 30 minutes). 
Papier mache christmas decoration were mostly down to 50p already. And cute Christmas stickers picked by Grace were snapped at only £1 per packet. I was so amazed at the tools and art supply that they have for children and grown ups too after amost half of year not  visiting this shop. My best buy was the foldable cardboard shop for £7.50 to complete pretend play of the food and tea sets we have already (mostly birthday presents). I saw this item online so many times online in the past months, and was really pleased with how easy it is to set up and store (especially when you have a small living area for play). 
Really you could spend a fortune in this shop if you're the kind of person who would rather sit and make things rather than going to the pub and watch football. 
Fortunately a little bit of common sense on that day managed to just influenced me a tiny bit to grab a stunning, very cheap, and slightly shimmering gold glitter leaf garlands. 


What on earth is for? Well in my head at time it was just pretty (a bit tacky but not too worry), then after two rounds of the shop trying to find what else that I don't need. I've decided it's perfect to wrapped around a wreath bone that I picked up at Merchants and Mills's stand, in Knit and Stitched show last year. In my head two weeks ago, was to draw flowers and leaves on a spare felt I have bought for a freelance project last year. Hand cutting your drawings for a garlands shape was just to time consuming. And I really am was too tired after catching up with housework when you just come back from trip to Yorkshire. So this gold, glitter leaf thing is just perfect for a lazy two minutes craft. I just inserted the branches in and out like you are weaving. And hey glitter presto! You are done.

I was a bit obsessed with the copper bone of the wreath last year. Now that the novelty worn off with the copper trends. I was really happy it where it smimmer and shine nicely, sitting on a wall to decorate the bedroom.

This is not an advert (thou it would be amazing if suddenly the company contact me and give me a Voucher or recognition for this post) I have bought everything with my own money. All photos and opinions are my own. If you want to repinned any of the image please do that, but it would be nice also if you could add the link where its from. 


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