Saturday, 8 October 2016

Green without the envy.

Since moving to the countryside, the colour green is slowly becoming my best friend. You noticed the different stages of blackberries bush slowly pruning into decayed leaves. Or the same rose you walk past every other day, floating into a skinny bride corpse with its yellow tint, or slightly orange green this week.
September was especially green during my walks. I wanted to enjoy every dry and sunny days before the temperature drop. Before layers of autumn clothing prepared and folded to the top of the drawers ready to be wear.

From warm green; olive green on the 70s Camper Van; even to the deepest petrol green shade I noticed on Brighton Pavilion grand door, will cool down a hot headed mummy mood when dealing with toddler tantrum. We have been blessed once more with food derived from G's grandma little patch of vegetable garden. Courgette were especially thriving this summer. We have courgette in almost everyday of our meals, and into almost every possible courgette meals we could thing of (yes including cake and endless length of zoodles (zuchinni-noodles) ).

Some of my fantasy 'green' clothing I love to wear this winter.

From top left.
Cos green cotton poplin top; Toast needlecord boatneck dress in slate green; Green stone gold coated brass bracelet from &Other Stories; and drapey viscose shirt from Olive Clothing.

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