Saturday, 22 March 2014

Happy chick

Almost the last of one of my very busy week. The littlest things became matter the most in the blink of an eye.

Getting on the wrong bus sometimes can lead you to another side of London that I wouldn't even bother to pay a visit. I had to end up with a short walk towards Embankment and manage to soak up the river Thames's grandeur in quietness of the street. Even if it was a rather cloudy day, I feel like grey actually suits London very much amongst its colourful life.

The dearest, has made some beautiful pasta from a very simple yet magic ingredients of garlic, tomato, mussels, and parsley. So far its one of my favourite and humblest dinner I've ever had.

After 3 years of reading Country living magazine. I finally manage to find a free weekend to visit their craft fair today. I must say Saturday was packed with ladies pushing and getting quite excited with all the beautiful (but very cramped) array of stalls. After an exhausting day, I was very happy to get home early in the afternoon and came home with one of Charlotte Macey's pretty mug.


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