Monday, 23 September 2013

Back Stroke

Those cliche saying of 'think positive and good things will happen' has slowly been coming one by one since September start. I have learnt not feel guilty when eating double cream patisserie from Maison Bertaux and enjoying being a shop guide and watched them getting excited when purchasing gift for themselves.
The tumbling weed pattern keeps rolling into a really good phase, and I'm not complaining at all about the speed that feels like its all coming at the same time. New job and new friends is giving me an opportunity to keep learning as a person.
Discovering many hidden green space around London is becoming one of my new favourite habits this summer. Last Friday whilst having my walking lunch, little blossom of flowers were gretting happily with their really nice petal colour.

I find it very strange that those little buds are showing at this time of the year.
Before things are getting extremely busy this week, I had the chance to tidy my old sketchbook document it by photos. Space is such a luxury in London and de-cluttering art material actually felt like a less burden. Now the difficult task is trying to constrain on filling the gap with more clutter.

I have place few images from my past sketchbook in Pinterest here.


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