Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Country live

This year's trip to Country living fair was brilliant. I went with my Partner's mother and took babyG to the event. Knowing the building of the event earlier, I felt comfortable breastfeeding around the spare sofa placed outside the exhibit booth. Luckily it was Saturday and most of the offices and shops were closed, and it was quieter than I would've expected.
I think for £12 as an entry ticket was pretty good to see pretty things. I occasionally love to buy the magazine and the product on show was as predictable as their usual content. This time I manage to only spend in one booth for some paper craft supply. My partner's mother really enjoyed the event and picked up more items, as she have more time to look around and tastes many delicious sample around the food section.

My favourite booth display this year was Eliza Wray and treutmade. A new fashion brand Blue Marmalade has the softest fabric to wear for all occasions. On my way out I was admiring greeting cards range by Ashley Thomas, for her 'English quirkiness' graphic collage.

It wouldn't be a trip to Islington without going to Camden passage. Most little shops I like are very pram unfriendly, but if you have someone to look after your baby outside. Do check out Loop for their beautiful collection of yarn. They have sweet collection of Natalie lete product and Julie Arkell's famous papier mâché creation. Then there's Smug for their trendy lifestyle products. My favourite vintage shop for great books Fat Faced Cat, also has great selection of immaculate vintage dresses. Unfortunately their Saturday antique market are especially brilliant. This time I managed to snapped 2 beautiful vintage postcard for £1. I would say a day like that, was 'a successful shopping trip'.


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