Thursday, 22 January 2015

Speedy magpie

I'm so excited to open the package from Hey little magpie today. I can't believe how fast the delivery process were since I only ordered few bits and bobs yesterday. 
I haven't been this excited for a while since I recently discovered the art of scrapbooking. 4 days to be precise. Starting with waiting a page to dry whilst I was doing baby journal. I was browsing online for some more paints  and accidentally clicked on stamps and I think I have found 'my calling'. 
Back in my textile student days, filling the blank pages on a paper sketchbook was my favourite bit in every project. Also when going to a craft store I never really looked at different department, except for tapes, glue, sketchbook, mount-board, and the very addictive beads sectioned. I then looked at some crafts haul video, wow I didn't know paper design can be so exciting. The Americans of course does it really well in scrapbook crafts skills. I especially fell in love with the brand American crafts after watching Sparkly CanadianCraftyGirl YouTube channel. Thanks to her, I became a little obsessed with Elizabeth Kartchner's Serendipity design. One thing led to another. There are few other designers which I'm very fond off. I found very few places in the UK that stock all these exciting new graphic design. Hopefully I don't miss out on the new 2015 collection. Especially in 'Hey little magpie'.


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