Thursday, 23 October 2014

17 weeks later

This month has been such a joy due to Knitting and Stitching show and finally baby has made it to the 4 months bracket age. I have been so lucky with the progression of after birth and it's fair to say I started to feel like myself again beside being a new mama. Time flies so fast since I had babyG. I have such respect for all those mummy bloggers and crafters who can do daily post and making fabulous thing among looking after a family. Almost a sad thing to say that I have been looking forward more to preparing dinner and doing the house chores. And a quick Instagram feed is most of the time more convenient platform to stay in touch. Thou recently I've been inspired by few vloggers on YouTube to share experiences as honest as I possibly can.  A quick summary of what happen since  my maternity leave would just be to ambitious when only given a nap time to write.
This month babyG are finally settling into a small routine and I have a small confident to write a blog post again. So this blog as you may have already recognised has move on slightly toward my experience on being a mother other than just a lover of art, textiles and design. I hope you enjoy growing  together with me as a reader. 

Yesterday I weight the baby to a health centre and was very pleased that babyG (bG) is doing perfectly fine. All the perseverance in the first month after birth on breastfeeding has paid off. I found the choice on exclusively breastfeeding her was simpler than expected even when it had to be done in public. The only major drawback is the lack of pretty top I have to wear when I get the chance to go out, due to accessibility easiness before bG starts to cry.

They say 'Your life is over' after you had a baby. I found the journey so far is couldn't be near to the truth. I have explored and learnt so many new things and the satisfaction was better than I would have hope for. Little things become even more meaningful and since I lost my stepfather last year. Our family bonding is closer and more important than anything else. 


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