Saturday, 21 June 2014

Soft baking frenzy

One of the skill that I want to learn during my maternity leave was to learn how to bake. Now that I'm in my full term I spent less time walking long distance and settle with spending more time in the kitchen. 
I love the idea of using Pinterest to gather ideas for making present for friends through baking or crafting.

I tend to include blueberries In my midweek shopping list. And these big beauties marbles of fruit was perfect to add for the Blueberries muffin recipe that I have  followed via babycentre website. I love adding Greek yoghurt which added some moisture and lightness in the summer. Admittedly I added extra Vanilla to add extra oomph-ness  as half of the batch is intended for gift.


Yesterday was all about courgette. Three marvellous vegetable has been sitting for a while in the fridge and I wanted to make other than ratatouille or soup. I've attempted to try it into a cake and the rest for courgettes frittas to along with my calamari. 
I have followed the cake recipe from here which I'm very pleased. Sadly there weren't any baking powder in the cupboard, so I have replaced it with self raising flour which give it extra fluffiness to texture.

The lemon and and cream cheese glazing was followed via Nigella Lawson's  recipe. It was added the following day as the soft cheese was absent when I spontaneous decided to make the cake.

Now I understand deeply how pleasurable baking can bring to a person. Especially when other people complement how successful cake through effort and time that the baker has spent.


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