Sunday, 5 May 2013

Passion flower.

Sadly. I've kept going back to using the colour blue again. I wish I could pretend to try other colour palette when putting my context for art pieces. I feel it is easier to play around with different colour palette when designing collection for fashion fabric. I just remember on the feedback that my tutor gave me this year to follow your instinct more when it comes to making things rather than concerning too much about what other artist or designer are doing. Being brave on working on what your guts tell you and showing it to other people felt also like one of my biggest challenge this year.
I still love recycling materials to stitch, sometimes not necessarily planning it with a drawing. My recent love is to collect vintage clothing label and collecting small flower printed fabric.

I am very grateful that some of you are reading my blog and keep coming back to it. I sometimes feel much better when I confidently bare my soul through this medium other than just minimally share things with my family, friends, and recently diary.
It's not always 'rainbows and kitten' in the real and blogging world I know. Without being too soppy and long post I definitely suggest taking iron supplement for those of you that gets quite down easily, especially during a stressfull period. When projects are mounting up (simply without the lack of bad organisation) and I forgot to take the extra supplement, unfortunately my family are the ones that getting the 'not so patience' side of me. My dear friends have encourage me to go to herbal shops. I find it quite fascinating and surprised by how diverse the option are nowadays from beauty product to herbal medicine.
Another recent success that I have tried on natural medicine is by taking a Passion Flower capsules bought from Millies, Leeds.

I have been getting restless sleep, lots of bad dream, stress sweats, and bad indigestion from feeling very anxious. Other than feeling low, my bad posture from sewing too long in the house is not helping my poor knotty neck.

I was very impressed by the sudden effect when I took them before going to bed. I wish I knew it 8 months ago before my anxious mood fluxuate like London stock exchange. I never slept so well for good 8 hours rest, and very productive 2 hours sleep this bank holiday weekend. Waking up early, I did less productive procrastination work and concentrate better on getting my deadlines done.
I would suggest researching any herbal medication first or ask your doctor if you have a severe anxiety problem. I haven't take any of this Passiflora capsules during the day because it can make you quite drowsy, and I think mixing to many things for your body would not be very good for you.
So going into an organic shop is not such a cliche thing to go to. It's a lifestyle choice that interest me further more to learn and experience it.